Everyday Exodus

Those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son. (Romans 8:29)

You are probably familiar with the story of the events of Israel’s deliverance from their slavery in Egypt,which is related in the book of Exodus. God called Moses to lead His people Israel out of bondage in Egypt and into the Promised Land. The word exodus literally means “the road out.” The events of Israel’s exodus, of course, were pointing to the eternal exodus, which would be led by a greater Moses, our Lord Jesus Christ, through His sinless life, sacrificial death, and supernatural resurrection from the grave.

If you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ, you have received the gift of this eternal exodus, having been set free from sin, Satan, and death. You have also received what I call the Everyday Exodus, which takes you on the road out of self-centered and self-absorbed self-rule. God is bringing you to the end of yourself each day as you walk with Christ through the details of daily living. Your road out is paved by the presence of God. The more you draw near to God through all the means of grace He has given us – Bible study, prayer, worship, service, etc. – the more God draws you away from yourself and toward your Savior.

I often mention a question that was posed by my first spiritual father, Dr. D. James Kennedy, who said, “God saved you then; is He saving you now?” I honestly had no idea what he was talking about when I first heard him say that. I am a whole lot older and a little bit wiser today; now I understand. God’s greatest goal for our lives is Christlikeness, and He will accomplish that transformation by any means necessary.

God is leading us out of our bondage to self-centered and self-absorbed self-rule and shepherding us toward a Savior-centered, Savior-absorbed, Savior-ruled existence. This is the only life worth living, because when Jesus in on the throne of our lives, we begin to discover the true purpose for which we have been created: to be like Jesus. 

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!

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