By Any Means Necessary!

Serve the king of Babylon, and you will live. (Jeremiah 27:17)

We must not limit God in His dealings with us. His ultimate goal is for Christlikeness to be formed within us, and He will accomplish this goal in His way, in His timing, and by any means necessary.

God used the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar and the godless people of Babylon as instruments of judgment in the lives of His people in order to accomplish His ultimate purpose of weaning their hearts away from the things of this world. The message is clear for us today: We must accept God’s ways in our lives, even when we cannot comprehend them. Every circumstance in your life is filled with God’s chosen instruments of sanctification, regardless of their relationship to Him, for all things serve Him (Psalm 119:91).

We should not think that God will only use godly people to form Christ in us. God will use any means necessary to grow and mature us in the faith. It might be a skeptical supervisor, a Christless coworker, a non-Christian neighbor, or an atheistic acquaintance. God will use both the pastor and the pagan, the godly and the ungodly, the agreeable and the aggravating in accomplishing His perfect purpose in this world, and that includes His purpose for each of His children too.

What “King Nebuchadnezzar” has God brought into your life to use as a tool to chisel Christlike character into your heart? Never forget that the ungodly and the unspiritual are under God’s complete control at all times. Thank God today! And be on the lookout for those unexpected instruments He is using in your life to make you more like Jesus . . . by any means necessary!

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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