Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble. (Psalm 119:165)

The truth contained in today’s verse may come as a surprise to some, but it is as certain as the sunrise: Those who love the Word of God have great peace, and the path to great peace is found in the place God’s Word holds in our hearts.

If you have not read Psalm 119 lately, let me encourage you to do so today. Psalm 119 celebrates the Word of God—its comfort, its challenge, its correction, and its commandments—and rejoices in the covenant promise made to all of God’s people. It is the longest psalm in the Bible, longer than many of the books of the Bible, and only a handful of its 176 verses do not explicitly mention the Word of God. It opens with, “Blessed are those who walk in the law of the Lord,” and closes with, “I do not forget your commandments.” And all the verses in between paint a glorious picture of the path to great peace.

Look at the promise in today’s verse for those who love the Law of God: nothing can make them stumble. The reason for this promise is not found in our faithfulness to God, but in His faithfulness to us. God has given us a power that is greater than any power that can come against us; when we stay connected to that power, we experience that peace that passes all understanding.

Think about it this way: When you love someone, you want to spend time with that someone, do you not? If we truly love God’s law, we will want to spend time in it each day. We will read it through from beginning to end. We will meditate on it and marinate in it. When we do, we can rest assured that we will truly experience great peace.

Even when we do not understand what is going on around us, we can still have peace deep within us, because we know our God is in control of all things. When chaos comes knocking at our door, a crisis that makes others cry out in fear, “Lord, we’re going to drown” (Matthew 8:25), those who love the Word of God trust in His promises and pass through the storm with confidence and peace. Remember, if you are lacking this promised peace in any way, you probably need to spend more time in God’s Word, knowing that God will graciously give you His love and peace all the way into glory.

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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