cries of the heart

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. (1 Samuel 1:27)

Hannah prayed for a child, and the Lord heard her prayer and graciously answered. She named him Samuel (many commentators suggest that the name Samuel sounds like the Hebrew word for heard of God) and dedicated him to the Lord. Samuel was an answer to Hannah’s prayer, and she delighted in delivering her precious child back to the One who had given him to her.

Every saint of God has his or her “Samuel”—a time when God heard our prayer and generously answered. And when our answer is as precious to us as Samuel was to his mother Hannah, we will dedicate it back to the One who has given it to us.

Our God blesses simply because He is a God of blessing. But, oh, how sweet are the blessings received after earnest supplication and the continual cries of the heart! Like Hannah, we find ourselves overwhelmed with thanksgiving because of our God’s faithfulness to answer the petitions of His people.

Here is the question that needs to be answered by every child of God: What “Samuels” has God delivered into my hands through the doorway of prayer? Whatever they may be, let us dedicate them to the Lord, just as Hannah dedicated her “Samuel” for God’s glory and the good of others.

My years as a pastor have taught me that the Lord’s answers to our prayers are to be consecrated to our Christ. What we have received from heaven must be released back to heaven for the glory of the One who has given us life and breath and everything else. All that our God delivers to us must be dedicated back to Him. How much more must we dedicate those things that we cried for day and night to receive from His holy hand of mercy?

May this day be marked by unceasing prayer and an unwavering, heartfelt promise that when your answer comes, you will consecrate it for the expansion of God’s kingdom, having given it the name “Samuel,” because you asked of God and He heard and answered your prayer.

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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