I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. (Psalm 81:10)

Having delivered His people from more than four hundred years of bondage in Egypt, God was just getting started blessing His people. The people of God had witnessed miracle upon miracle from His hand; then, when they were trapped between the Red Sea and the pursuing armies of Egypt, God parted the waters and the people crossed over on dry ground. When the waters came back together, the entire Egyptian army was plunged into a godless grave.

To begin to plumb the depths of today’s word of encouragement, go back and read the verse again. Notice how God reminds His people what He has already done for them. He set His people free from slavery in Egypt and called them to Himself, and He did it all by Himself, entirely apart from anything they had done or could do for Him. And as if that wasn’t enough of a blessing, God says, “Open wide, and I will fill you to the overflowing”—mercies multiplied and blessings beyond compare!

Can you picture a nest full of cheeping baby birds with their mouths wide open in anticipation of the mother bird returning to feed them? How much more will our Father in heaven fill His children if we would but open our mouths? Because of what God in Christ has done for us, we have been given the privilege to boldly come to the throne of grace and make our requests known to the Sovereign Lord of all the universe. We are not to come fearfully. We are not to come hesitantly. We are not to come slowly. We are to come boldly, with our mouths open wide, a song in our hearts, and supplication on our lips. We are to come as the psalmist did: “I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands” (Psalm 119:131).

Remember, God had already given the people of Israel the unimaginable blessing of freedom from bondage in Egypt. Today He instructs His people to “open wide” because more blessings are on the way. When you come to God in prayer, do you come expectantly? Has He not proven Himself a thousand times over in your life? The only way to come to God is with an attitude of wide-open anticipation, because such a posture tells Him and shouts to the world that we know our God is able to do immeasurably more for us than all we could ever ask or imagine.

Now, it’s true that God can do anything, and He can fill even the mouth that is closed. But He prefers when we come to Him with expectant hearts and our mouths wide open, seeking to slake the deep thirst of the soul for His presence. May this be the confession of our lives!

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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