I will betroth you to me forever . . .  (Hosea 2:19)

When was the last time you considered the promise in today’s passage? Make no mistake, it will prove to be a source of both unimaginable comfort and uncommon challenge when it is rightly received and understood.

God in Christ has promised to maintain your marriage relationship with Him forever. Notice that Hosea does not say that your betrothal is based on anything you do in your relationship with God. He does not offer His marriage pledge because of anything you have done to earn it. God does not extend His promise so long as you remain faithful and obedient to Him. Your betrothal is a result of His eternal affection and love for you that will never diminish, no matter what you do. You need not fear that your bridegroom will ever file for divorce, for His pledge to you was written in His precious blood. We are betrothed to Christ forever—not because of our faithfulness to Him, but rather, because of His faithfulness to us.

Since we did nothing to earn our way into this relationship with Jesus, we can do nothing to work our way out of it. It is all of grace, from beginning to end, which means we are eternally secure in our relationship with our Savior. Is there any greater comfort for us in this world?

But along with this comfort, we must see the challenge that comes with it. When we understand the power of this promise, we should desire nothing less than to live a life of total obedience and surrender to the will of our Bridegroom. Because God so loved us, should we not be doing everything in our power to so love Him back? The believer’s betrothal should challenge us to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to our Bridegroom, not because of anything we hope to get, but rather, because of everything we have already been given. We have been completely forgiven. We have been adopted into His family of faith. We have been promised an inheritance. These truths should challenge us to live for nothing smaller than Jesus, regardless of the cost or circumstance. And when we do, we will experience the true purpose of our existence—living as the bride of the Bridegroom, eternally betrothed—and what God has brought together in holy union, nothing in the universe can ever separate.

Let this cosmic comfort challenge you today to renew your vows to your Bridegroom, with the confident assurance that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion—not because of your undying faithfulness to Him, but because He died out of His love and faithfulness to you.

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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