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All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander. (1 Samuel 22:2)

In today’s passage we see the men who made David their commander . . . men who were in distress, who knew their debt, and were living discontented lives. They had come to the end of themselves. They desired to live the victorious life, but that life would only be built upon their understanding and acknowledgement of just how truly bankrupt they were. It is no different for the disciple of Christ. If He is to be your Commander, you must acknowledge your distress, your debt, and your discontentment.

Is this not a word of encouragement and comfort for you today? We do not come to the Fount of every spiritual blessing filled with self; if we do, we cannot be filled with our Savior. Only those who hunger and thirst after righteousness have the promise that they will be filled (Matthew 5:6). We cry out to Jesus in our need, confident that in His perfect timing and in His way, we shall indeed be filled.

The key to making Christ our Commander is to continually sense our need, and we do that by looking at ourselves with sober judgment. Like the great apostle Paul, we are to look out at those around us, not to judge them but to recognize beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are indeed the chief of sinners. And when we own that condition, we must rely solely on our Savior if we are to make any forward progress. We must remember that we are in need of Jesus—not only the moment we are saved, but every moment thereafter. We have been delivered from the power of sin, but not its presence. I have said before that sin no longer reigns, but it still remains, creating a clear sense of distress, debt, and daily discontentment within the heart of the true disciple of Christ.

So, beloved in the Lord, where does this find you today? Do you sense your need? If so, make Christ your Commander by crying out to him from the depths of your heart, for He delights in filling His disciples with blessings multiplied.

Let me close with these glorious words from the psalmist:

Why are you depressed, O my soul? Why are you upset? Wait for God! For I will again give thanks to my God for his saving intervention. (Psalm 43:5 NET)

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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