The Father Comforts Like A Mother


I have a sweet promise of God to share with you today. When I read today’s verse, I am taken back to the days of my youth and the many comforts my mother brought into my life. It seemed like Mom had a special cure for everything that ailed me, from her homemade chicken soup when I was sick to her inspiring words of encouragement when I had a bad game out on the field of competition.

My mom’s comfort was sweet and healing, but there is a cosmic that is available to you that eclipses even that!

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. (Isaiah 66:13)

To have God as our Father is a tremendous gift indeed; but does our Father God actually also act the part of a mother in His comfort of His children? Throughout the Word of God, we see that divine consolation is a promise we have been given. It is God’s nature and character to comfort His children. But for Isaiah to say that God will comfort us “as a mother comforts her child” seems to raise His comfort to an almost unfathomable height.

As a father of four precious children, I offer them all that I have in the way of comfort when they are discouraged or distressed. But as sincere and loving as my efforts are, they never quite seem to rise to the level of the comfort their mother gives them. Please don’t misunderstand; Kim and I both love our children fully and unconditionally. We both wipe the tears from their eyes. We both offer them words of encouragement. We both sit by the bed and speak words of life to them to meet them in their place of need. But Mom’s comfort simply provides a little more comfort!

God inspired the prophet to compare His consolation and comfort with that of a mother. In other words, God’s comfort delivers the best of both the father and the mother. The comfort that comes from God is complete in every way. It lifts us up when we are down. It calls us home when we have wandered away. It is as unconditional as it is unwavering, and it is available to us not only daily, but moment by moment.

Who reading this right now would not benefit from the comfort of a mother? Remember, in Christ, we have a Comforter who is both with us and in us. He has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. He has promised to bring to completion all that He started in us when we first placed our trust in Him. And He promises to do all of this with the comfort of a loving mother!

One final point: the comfort my mom brought into my life did not end when I became an adult. Mom continued to be a source of great comfort and encouragement until the day God brought her home into glory a few years ago. There really is nothing like a mother’s comfort in all the world . . . except for the divine, “mom-like” comfort that comes from our Father in heaven!

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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