Every Christian knows that prayer is the pathway to communion with God. And yet we also know that there are those times when it seems like heaven is silent. For some of us, the silence of the Lamb of God seems like a regular occurrence. Our faith is tested as we wait to hear from God after we have knocked on heaven’s door . . . only to find that the door does not swing open.


I called him but he did not answer.

(Song of Solomon 5:6)


All those who have been followers of Christ for some time can relate to this lament of the wise preacher by way of personal experience. We storm the gates of heaven . . . yet they seem to us as immovable as they are unconcerned. We petition and plead with our God, yet the Lamb of God remains silent. We are living out the experience of Job and Jeremiah.


I cry out to you, O God, but you do not answer . . .

(Job 30:20)

You have covered yourself with a cloud so that no prayer can get through.

(Lamentations 3:44)


Why does this happen? Time and again, Scripture exhorts us to ceaselessly pray; then why does it seem like no one is home in heaven? Because our Lamb knows exactly what we need, moment by moment; when we are looking for a YES to our petition, our Lamb’s seeming silence says one of two things: either NO or WAIT.


Charles Spurgeon explained it this way:

Thus have true saints continued long in patient waiting without reply, not because their prayers were not vehement, nor because they were unaccepted, but because it so pleased Him who is a Sovereign, and who gives according to His own pleasure. If it pleases Him to bid our patience exercise itself, shall He not do as He wills with His own! Beggars must not be choosers either as to time, place, or form. But we must be careful not to take delays in prayer for denials. We must not suffer Satan to shake our confidence in the God of truth by pointing to our unanswered prayers.


What we must always keep in view is that God’s delays—“delays” from our perspective—are not God’s denials. God hears every prayer, and not a single one goes unanswered. Looking back in life, every seasoned saint will agree that we are truly grateful that God did not say YES to many of our petitions because NO was exceedingly better for us! And we can also testify to the truth that we emerged better and stronger Christians for the many times God made us wait on His response to our cry. Faith untried and untested is faith underdeveloped.

So the next time it seems like the LAMB is silent to your heartfelt cries, do not fear that you are unheard. God knows your heart before you can utter a word. Cry out and carry on, knowing that your Lord knows what is best for your life and will give you everything you need to do all He is calling you to do. You have His Word on that . . . even when you are facing the silence of the Lamb!

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!

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