imagesThe comfort in today’s message is found in the promise of God, given to the people of God, who believe in the Son of God as the promised Messiah.

Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.  (Acts 16:31)

Last month our congregation saw this promised fulfilled in the Malecki family. Daughter Jane started bringing her father Bill to Cross Community Church when he was 100 years and 4 months old. Bill’s body is weakening, but his mind is still very sharp; he told Jane that there was “something about” the messages he was hearing that intrigued him; he was happy to keep coming back week after week. Two months later, at age 100 years and six months, God fulfilled the promise of Acts 16:31 for Jane and her household by bringing Bill to faith in Jesus. We received him into our family of faith by both profession and baptism. There were a great many tears of joy shed, and not just by Bill’s immediate family!

What a promise to the people of God! “. . . You and your household.” Jane never gave up on that promise as she continued praying, year after year, decade after decade, for her father’s salvation. Should you or I ever give up on praying for anyone? God forbid! Pray for the conversion of parents. Pray for the conversion of wayward children. Pray for the conversion of extended family members. Pray for the conversion of future generations yet to come. Pray for that person you know (or know of) who currently seems so hardened to the things of God. Pray for them daily and by name. God’s arm is not shortened; He can reach anybody . . . at any time in this life.

Here is the promise in a nutshell. We never know when God might move in the lives of those we love. Yet, we know that God’s timing is always perfect and His plan of salvation is far better than our plan. God has given us this promise and we simply need to stay on our knees at His throne of grace . . . just as Jane did so faithfully for so many years.

I simply cannot tell you what an encouragement this “eternal event” was at The Cross. Bill’s conversion encouraged so many people—not only in our congregation but throughout our community. Many of us have been praying for decades for family members who have not yet placed their trust in Christ’s atoning work at Calvary. Never give up! Never give in!

Never lose sight of this promise from God: “You and your household.” Let us never rise from our knees nor give our petitions any rest until we see that our household is firmly rooted in the faith of our loving Lord, Jesus Christ.

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!

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