Visible Doesn’t Mean More Valuable

eye visual seeWe live in a visual society. We are often drawn in by what we see. This tendency bears on ministry in the life of the Christian: some service is more visible than others. But I’d like to state up front that service that is less visible is no less valuable. Why? Because it is being done for the glory of the Priceless Prince of Peace.

I often ask the question from the pulpit: “Who is more valuable in kingdom work? Is it the person out front in the place of high visibility? Or is it the person in the background who often goes unnoticed?” The answer, of course, should be a source of great comfort and encouragement to the majority of kingdom workers.

Very few are out in front. They have not been shaped by God to be in positions of high visibility. The majority of kingdom servants minister in the background. But we must always remember that ministry that is more visible is not more valuable. No matter how humble and hidden the service to our Savior may be, the body of Christ absolutely depends on that service in order to be fully functioning!

It is God who gives us our assignment, and every person has a perfect place and portion to serve God. We need only live it out with our eyes steadfastly fixed on Him.

I can tell you from personal experience at Cross Community Church, those behind-the-scenes servants are the glue that holds us all together. “Less visible” most certainly does not mean “less valuable,” because God works through the different people He has called and gifted to accomplish His purposes in this world.

So . . . have you been serving in a place of seeming insignificance? Let me assure you that there is nothing done for the glory of God and the expansion of His kingdom that is insignificant! Remember, the one thing no one else in the world can be is YOU! And that makes you indispensable to the expansion of God’s kingdom in this world. Whether highly visible, less visible, or invisible to the watching world, “visible” does not mean “more valuable” in God’s economy. It never has . . . and it never will.

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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