Shame…Skeletons…And Our Savior

We have all experienced that sickly feeling of shame when someone found out something about us that we wanted to keep hidden away in the shadows.  We all have skeletons hanging in our closets which, if exposed, would lead to shame on steroids!

Yet there is One who knows everything about us and still loves us, unconditionally.

Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.  Could this be the Messiah? (John 4:29)

These words from the stunned Samaritan women who met Jesus at the well have been recorded in sacred writ to give us comfort . . . and a dose of Gospel sanity.  Jesus knew everything about this woman who was living a sinful life.  And He knows everything about you.  There is nothing hidden from the view of our Lord (Hebrews 4:13); He even knows the sins you haven’t committed yet!

And yet, in spite of being fully known, we are completely loved.  With every right to condemn the Samaritan woman, Jesus offered her comfort that she could find in no other place.  This woman had been married and divorced . . . married and divorced . . . married and divorced . . . five times! And on the day she met Jesus at the well, she had apparently given up on the institution of marriage altogether and was living with a sixth man out of wedlock.

Jesus could have shamed her in a supernatural way.  But He did not.  Instead of shame He saved her from her sin-filled past.  He spoke to her of the living water that He had to offer. Instead of sending this woman away on a guilt trip, she went away filled with the joyful Gospel grace that transforms.

The Samaritan woman came for water from Jacob’s well; Jesus sent her home with living water that would slake her thirst for all eternity.  And He has done the same for all those who are His.  The Gospel frees us from shame and skeletons and sets us solidly on the Rock of our Salvation.  Think about this Gospel truth for a moment and then marinate in it for the rest of your life!


Jesus knows our every thought and lustful longing.  He knows our every self-absorbed and self-centered deed.  He knows every gangrenous, gossipy, graceless word we have ever spoken.  And still He loves us in a way that always redeems and never ridicules.

The Samaritan knew for the very first time that she was fully known without the accompanying guilt and shame.  She came to the well at a time when she did not expect to meet anyone who would know her.  What a Gospel surprise she got that day!  She came to draw water and Jesus drew her to Himself.

Her skeletons were finally exposed, but instead of those old bones crackling they were crushed.  Her shame was given room to strike, and instead it was shut up for the rest of her life.  She was free!  There was now no condemnation for her.  Jesus had set her free and she was free indeed.

So to it is for everyone who has trusted in Jesus. Our Savior covers the shame and crushes the skeletons.  Oh what a Savior we have in Jesus! Oh what a Gospel He has given to us!

This is the Gospel. This is grace for your race. NEVER FORGET THAT . . . AMEN!


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