Gospel Powered Parenting

A practical guide to parenting that starts with the differences that the Gospel makes in the lives of those doing the parenting – most Christian books ignore this aspect (Amazon.com Product Description).

Parents who claim the gospel as their own have an enormous effect on their marriage, their integrity, and their love for their children. Keeping the gospel at the forefront of every aspect of marriage helps parents fear God, sensitizes them to sin, motivates them to enter their children’s world, and causes them to preach the beauty of the gospel to their children through their marriage (Monergism.com Product Description).

We would love for you to order the book online today and join us on Sundays at 9am starting on January 2, 2011 in the First Floor Meeting Room (EE Hall) at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.

1/2/11 – Introduction

Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

1/9/11 – Chapter 1
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

1/16/11 – Chapter 2
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

1/23/11 – Chapter 3
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

1/30/11 – Chapter 4
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

2/6/11 – Chapter 5 Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

2/13/11 – Chapter 6
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

2/20/11 – Chapter 7
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

2/27/11 – Chapter 8
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

3/6/11 – Chapter 9
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

3/13/11 – Chapter 10
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

3/20/11 – Chapter 11
Rev. Tommy Boland | Audio not available

3/27/11 – Chapter 12
Rev. Tommy Boland | Listen

* Please note that while the day and time of this Bible Application Course will always be Sunday at 9am, the exactness of the schedule (i.e. an off week, final date, etc.) are tentative and subject to change.  Any adjustments will be updated on this page as well as communicated in class.


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